HiNoa Bvba

 "The only source of knowledge is experience."  -Albert Einstein

Our Expertise

Our 40-years experience in the plastics & paper industry enables us to offer material of excellent quality at competitive prices. We have been building out long-term relationships in our business; a principle we are highly committed to. During our working career in the paper & plastics business, we have been both at the purchasing as well as at the selling side and have a good understanding of the needs and expectations at both sides. We are the perfect link between our suppliers and our customers.

Thanks to our excellent relations with our suppliers, we are very flexible and able to supply - worldwide - any volume at any time. Our broad product portfolio and widespread database of regular buyers allow us to deliver in many countries worldwide. The HiNoa team is a keen and efficient and assisted by a well-developed network of agents worldwide, who are closely linked with the customers. This structure helps us keep overhead costs low and make quick and flexible decisions and to have an efficient and quick stock rotation.